The Anti-Bullying Roadshow is On-Tour – How to be safe on YouTube

Anti-Bullying Conference 2017

The Anti-Bullying Roadshow is On-Tour – How to be safe on YouTube

Once again this year we are working with the Anti-Bullying team to help deliver a series of children’s conferences around Sunderland. Because we have had a lot of schools contact us, concerned that very young children are proudly calling themselves “YouTuber’s” and “Vloggers”, our keynote and workshops focussed on raising awareness of what can happen if we share videos of ourselves online. Like all of our awareness raising sessions we don’t say “don’t”, we always take the stance that if you are going to do something you need to understand how to do it safely.

The children enjoyed looking at the top ten YouTube clips of all time and the story behind them. We also discovered that tiny YouTube stars grow up – ten years on what do the stars of Charlie Bit My Finger look like?

Our workshop asked the children to explore how they would go about making a safe YouTube clip.

We are in the process of assembling a group of children who are currently active YouTubers to come up with a code of conduct for safe YouTubing. Watch this space.

Also running Workshops at the conference we’re our good friends from Sunderland People First and Young Carers.


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