Blogging away

Blogging away


We are beginning our blogging journey with interested schools in Sunderland and also wider afield. Many of the schools blog already. We decided to experiment with working with students in different year groups from different areas within Sunderland.

The aim was to give students purpose to their writing and provide them with a wider audience.

The students and teachers have been learning about what blogs are and the purpose of them. There was huge excitement in a local Primary School in Washington. The students decided on what they were going to blog about which was a class trip. They worked in groups to generate key words on large sheets of paper and then shared their ideas with each other to further develop their ideas for the blog. We used the ideas to generate individual blog posts and then shared our link with our link school. Students then waited in anticipation for the comments to appear on their blog posts.

Things to consider when blogging are: encouraging the students to check and check and check again to make sure what they say is punctuated correctly, makes sense and is appropriate, discuss how to comment on someones post which could follow the format of two stars and a wish, remembering to keep it positive.

We are looking for more schools in the Sunderland and wider area who we can engage with and join us on our blogging adventures. We have lots of ideas to work on in the next term, so get in touch and we can discuss how we could work together encouraging our young people to blog responsibly.

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