Building Apps

Unleash the creativity of your students by getting them to create an app.

Your students will go through the whole process from planning to producing it.

This activity allows them to develop skills in web and mobile technology. Designing the look and feel of your app – creating links, importing images and video. The focus of the app can be a response to a problem or a theme taken from a particular area of the curriculum. The only limits are your imagination. Students create the apps from scratch adding text, media and links. Because the apps can me delivered online they can be demonstrated to their family and friends. This activity is an integral part of the Computing Curriculum and you will find it particularly useful if you are struggling with the Y6 Switched On Computing “we are app developers”


Create an app for your school

Do you need an “app”? We can work with you to develop an app for your classroom. Do you want something to teach or test a concept? Something to deliver information?

Whatever your requirements we are able to help. We have been helping to develop interactive learning software for a number of years. Cal us to discuss your requirements.