Making coding fun.

Knetic staff have been working with students and staff to develop coding activities for over 10 years. Students begin the
session away from the
computers developing their understanding of key terminology. They are guided through steps and become confident coding on the computer. The activity can be tailored to fit with particular themes and curriculum areas ensuring that the KS 1 and 2 National Curriculum objectives are being fulfilled. Knetic have a wide knowledge of many different coding apps appropriate for age or specific skill level of the students. We are passionate about encouraging the EYFS to foster a love of computing from a young age. Staff that accompany the students find it invaluable CPD for themselves. For many of the computing activities, the challenge from Knetic is for the visiting staff to embed their new knowledge by teaching someone else back in school and continue to build their skills.  An example of some of the apps that can be used for coding are: Scratch, Hopscotch and Kodu.

Knetic staff also offer bespoke training sessions on the teaching of Computer programming. This could include developing specific skills or how to inject creativity into coding using our many years experience of working with schools in the infant, primary and secondary sector. If you get in touch we can discuss your requirements.