Mobile Devices

Knetic iPad

For the past ten years we have been exploring the use of mobile devices in the classroom. We have had a number of projects ongoing in schools looking at the use of gaming devices and PDAs. We learned a lot from our research and truly believe that the use of mobile devices has come of age.

We have supported a number of projects in schools making use of iPads, Android devices and Windows mobile. If you want to explore the use of mobile devices we can give you impartial advice to help you find the, best fit, solution for your needs.

With you throughout the whole process

There are a lot of things to consider when introducing mobile devices.

  • Will your WiFi be powerful enough?
  • How will you get the best deal from suppliers?
  • How do you commission the devices?
  • How will you ensure that your teachers are confident and prepared?
  • Where in the curriculum can you put the devices to most effect use?
  • What apps will you need?

Our mobile deployment package is a one-stop-shop solution to support you through the entire process.

A device and a peripheral – the power of mobile learning

Gone are the days when you needed a camcorder, camera, sound recorder and numerous other peripherals to record learning. Mobile devices provide not only the means to capture media and data from a variety of sources they also allow you to present it as a polished product. This means that they have a unique role to play in the cross-curricular use of ICT. We can also signpost you to a variety of options for transferring your work to and from the devices using cloud based services and local server based solutions.

Leverage maximum advantage from your mobile learning solution

Many schools who have already invested in devices want a way to assess if they are being used effectively. We can come in an do a short audit to help you check you’re fully up to date withe the latest features and opportunities. We make use of Ruben R. Puentedura’s SAMR model to help you measure the effectiveness of your use of the devices. It is important that the devices transform learning rather than simply acting as a substitute for other ways of doing things.

Learning outside the classroom

Going on a field trip with your mobile devices is an excellent way to really explore their power. Why not book us to support you on your next educational visit. We can work with you before the trip to look at how the devices can be used and during the trip to support you and your learners. We can even bring the devices to give you a flavour of what truly mobile learning has to offer.

Want to experience what mobile devices can offer before you buy?

We have a small number of devices we can bring in to your school to deliver a staff or student experience session. We are happy to provide curriculum focussed taster sessions for your teachers to help them to see the benefit of the devices or run curriculum projects with your students. Either way you will get to evaluate whether you feel they are right for you.

Ongoing support for you and your devices.


As a Regional Training Centre (RTC) for apple we offer free courses to help you make effective use of your devices.

Check out our events page to see what we have to offer.