Online safety for children, young people & the adults that work with them

We are part of the Anti-Bullying Strategy Group in Sunderland and as such we do a lot of work in schools to promote online safety. We offer a complete package from whole staff CEOP training to workshops for parents and students.

The message varies depending on the age of the learners.

KS2 – It’s how you behave that shapes everyone’s online experience

“We ask who are you in the online world?” and “How does that online version of you behave?” In our popular assemblies for KS2 – The aim is to help learners to understand that it is their behaviour that shapes everyone’s online experience. Students and staff learn how adopting different roles and crocodilesupermanbehaviours online can impact on their safety and have consequences on others. Some schools choose to follow the KS2 assembly with in class workshops for Y5&6. In the workshops we explore online behaviours using examples of how different characters behave. For example a crocodile would display predatory antagonistic, sly cunning and manipulative behaviour. The students are encouraged to take on the role of a superhero to be vigilant and recognise and challenge “croc
ish” behaviour. The interactive sessions conclude that it is up to them how they act online and everyone has responsibility to act in a sensible way.

This is backed up by encouraging them to sign up to the recently updated cyber safe agreement and spread the word to families and friends and make Sunderland a safe place to be online.

KS3/4 – The A-Z of using the Internet – Know how it works if you are going to be an informed user

Building on our KS2 workshops this session aims to help young people understand how the Internet works. We uncover how sites like Facebook use your data and how we can’t trust sites like Snapchat that offer anonymity and encourage risk-taking. We also cover how pedophiles behave online an how to spot when you are being radicalised. The emphasis is on being clued up and making informed choices about what we share and how that might impact our future lives.

Training for adults in school – You know more about online safety than you think

CEOSome teachers feel that they are on the back foot when it comes to supporting children to be safe online. In this twilight session we help you catch up. We explore risk-taking behaviour and, through the use of
case studies, explore how we can support the children and young people in our care. Using a special adult version of our Internet AtoZ we ensure that staff are fully up to date with the latest trends and services in a way that helps them to support learners effectively. As CEOP ambassadors we can also supply  accredited training that allows you to deliver the Think You Know resources in school.

Parent’s Awareness Sessions

Many Parents can be unaware of the dangers their children face online. Our parent awareness sessions cover the following:-

  • What children will encounter if they play adult games
  • How to recognise and report cyber bullying
  • How to maintain an open dialogue about your child’s Internet use
  • What sites children are using and the risks associated with them
  • How to use parental controls to restrict what their children can access

We really enjoy running online safety sessions in schools and have a proven track record in making an impact. These sessions are particularly useful if you are in the process of applying for the Anti-bullying Charter Mark or 360 Safe.