What does it cost to work with us?

At Knetic we often talk about our service being like bricks and mortar. Maybe you have specific measurable goals in mind. These are the building blocks of your organisation

Pay as you go – Buy a brick when you need it

This may be the approach for you if you have specific needs in mind. Maybe you need an online-safety twilight session for parents or you need someone to film your school production. These are the finite measurable impacts, they are time specific and you can budget for these on an individual basis.

For schools and academies that choose to work with us on a “Pay as you go” basis the following charges apply:

  • Daily rate – £400
  • Cost for half day or twilight – £250

Regardless of what you want us to do the cost will be the same. You pay when you want us to support your individual requirements.

The charges are based on working in schools within the North East of England.

We are happy to travel and will work with you to negotiate charges for mileage and overnight accommodation where necessary.


Our Subscription Plan – The bricks and mortar approach

From speaking to the schools and academies, we work with, it became evident that they really value the long-standing relationship they have developed with us and our service. They feel reassured that they can call on us whenever they need help, advice or recommendations.

With that in mind we came up with the Subscription Plan approach. When we put the plan together we wanted to make sure that it offered a true “Bricks & Mortar” service. We also wanted to make sure that our subscribers benefitted from additional services. The benefits of subscribing are outlined below.

£0 year up front cost
  • Additional per pupil cost £0
  • Full price day rate £400/£250
  • Needs assessment meeting*
  • Access to ICT Co-ordinators’ network meetings*
  • CPD from our catalogue – Full Price

*To activate these services you need to buy at least one day

£300 year up front cost
  • Additional per pupil cost £0.60
  • Reduced price day rate £350/£200
  • Needs assessment meeting
  • Access to our loan equipment
  • Free telephone support
  • Access to ICT Co-ordinators’ network meetings
  • CPD from our catalogue – 20% off
  • Discounts on blocks of days
  • Access to subscriber events


We would be delighted to discuss your unique requirements. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

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