Film Making

For the past 15 years we have been making films with learners. We have a proven track record of supplying the equipment and expertise required to support students doing GCSE media coursework. Using industry standard equipment and software we can make sure that your film has that slick professional look.

We also make films ourselves so if you are wanting to produce a film look no further than us.

We use a variety of different cameras from drones, to action cameras and high quality DSLRs to give your film that slick professional feel.


Case study – Christmas Play


One primary school we work with sells DVDs every year to parents of their reception class Christmas production. We go in for a half day and film up close and personal with every child delivering their lines. Because of this the parents have no chance of missing their child’s “big moment”. Because we use DSLR cameras with a range of lenses we can even bring that Hollywood feel.

Case study – Music Concert


We were approached by another primary school we work with to produce a film that captures the importance of music to the whole school community. Using a variety of equipment we produced a short video for the website.


Case study – Lip Dubs


Do you want a really exciting project to showcase the talents of your whole school community?

Lip Dubs are where you film different groups of staff and students lip-syncing to a song. You pick the locations in your school you want to showcase, plan who is going to sing each bit and we take it from there.

Costs – Our rates depend on whether you are a subscriber or not, but bear in mind we use the same daily rate for whatever we do. For films we do need to build in some editing time too so be prepared for a day’s filming requiring a day’s editing.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements.


Examples of our work.

NQTs, at the end of their first year, give advice to new NQTs